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Sometimes you need a helping hand, a coach or someone to run your customer discovery and experiment programme. 


An hour or two with a Familiarize Consultant could save you tens, maybe hundreds of hours building the wrong thing.

  • Check in with Adam to see if Familiarize is for you

    30 min

Five focus areas to help you make progress fast

Struggle & Progress

A structured method of understand your customer's pain and where they want to get to.

360° Customer view

Identify the main influences on your customer - work and play - and how to validate them.

Jobs to be done

What job is your customer hiring your product to do - and four forces on your customer's decision-making.


Develop measurable hypotheses you can validate yes/no to build Your Own Data.


Set up and run a wide range of experiments to validate your hypotheses fast.

Need something else?

If a one hour clinic isn't what you need, drop me a line with what is.  Or mail me at


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Case studies

Read how we've been able to help clients get unstuck and make progress - sometimes in just an hour...

Finding a new customer

The client was struggling to find product market fit after a year of marketing her product.  Through deep focus on customer pain points and some quick experiments, she found a new target and has since built traction.

"Adam helped us see a target customer we'd missed that has since proved much more receptive to our product."
Sarah, Co-founder, Energy startup

   Building a robust experimentation plan

The client had run a successful discovery interview programme, but needed to build data through a different set of experiments to validate her idea.

"Familiarize gave us a new approach to derisking innovation in a structured and unbiased way."
Patricia, CEO, Energy scale-up

Prioritising who to focus on

One founding team had so many ideas they were stuck, unable to make progress.  Working individually to define the customer problem and then sharing as a team helped them see which customer needed their help most.

""We were all over the place until we spent an hour with Adam on finding the customer most in pain."
Liesel, Co-founder, Fintech startup

Pivoting with confidence

A startup approached Familiarize struggling with a failing offer.  We helped the founder identify what seemed to be validated, build new hypotheses and set a new direction.

"Adam brought objectivity to what looked like failure and helped us see what customers liked and routes to pivot."
Nathaniel, Founder, B2C startup

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