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Validate your idea and find real customers

Got an idea, but not sure about your customer?  Confused by customer discovery?

With 70% products failing and most businesses not lasting beyond year 1, it’s worth increasing the odds that that’s not you.  Familiarize can show you how. 

Cut your startup failure rate by working through your customer's struggle for free by joining Familiarize..

Familiarize is a monthly subscription to help you validate your idea and find your customer, through Discovery, Validation and Enrolment.





A structured, easy to use workflow to help define your customer, their struggle and how you can help.  With reports to share with the team, partners and investors.

Set up and run customer experiments (like surveys and interviews); all your data in one place with a dashboard so the whole team can align around your customer.

A funnel to nurture your customer relationships though emails, A/B tests, surveys etc so the people you meet for research become co-developers, buyers and advocates.


Erica, Founder

"Working with Familiarize took the seemingly daunting and complex effort of client discovery and made it intuitive, accessible and exciting."

tom coleman.jpeg

Tom, Founder

"If I’d used Familiarize a year ago, I’d have pivoted my business much earlier and saved a lot of time and money"


Nathan, Co-Founder

"We all want to put the customer at the centre of our businesses - Familiarize actually helps make that happen"

What our customers say

How it works

Enrolment web.png


Find your customer fast

Familiarize is a simple, structured workflow, with helpful videos and tips, to get clear about your customer, their pain and how your idea can help.  Something you can dip in and out of, that stores everything you’re learning in one place.


Run simple experiments to validate your understanding

Familiarize provides the tools to survey and interview potential customers to validate what you learn in discovery.  All your experiment data in one place, with a dashboard that shows where you’re more confident about your customer – and the gaps you need to close.

Validation web.png
Discovery web.png


Build a waitlist to de-risk your business

Familiarize helps you keep everything you learn about your customer in one place – and helps you nurture customer relationships through email marketing, surveys and social media, so when you’re ready to launch, you’ve got willing customers ready to buy.

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