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If your growth has stalled or you're struggling to scale, you need a new customer formula.

Redefine your new customer formula with Familiarize, a forensic approach to finding your customer and getting back to growth.


Almost all businesses face the same challenges at some time as they mature.


Finding new customers seems harder than it used to be

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Struggling with scale

What worked to get you this far doesn’t seem to work as you scale

Poor return on marketing

A scattergun approach with escalating acquisition costs

The solution to all these problems lies in a forensic approach to understanding your customer and redefining your new Customer Formula

How it works

1. Diagnosis

A forensic, data-driven approach to understanding today’s customer problem completed with a blend of internal and customer interviews, analysis of customer data (won, lost, lapsed) and competitor landscape.

  • Client brief

  • Customer and staff interviews

  • Customer data interrogation

2. Formulation

Definition of today’s customer formula and what needs to change.  New customer formula definition and rationale.  Identification of potential new target customers who match the profile.

  • Build old and new formulae

  • Define rationale

  • Identify matching profiles

3. Validation

Strategy and support to validate and refine new customer formula using available channels, beginning with potential target customers.

  • Experiment strategy

  • Nurturing tactics

  • Client support

Patricia Vega_edited.png

Patricia Vega
Quantum New Energy

"The Familiarize framework centred around the job the customer needs done is a true GPS to validate
product-market fit"


Nathan Johnson-Paul

"We all want to put the customer at the centre of our businesses - Familiarize actually helps make that happen."

Alex K_edited.jpg

Alex Kerst

"Familiarize gave us the data and insights to pivot our product - away from what the founding team wanted to what the customers wanted."

What business owners like you say about Familiarize

  • What will I get?
    You will go through a discovery call to understand your needs and objectives. Here we will agree the interviewing approach and interviewees (typically a mix of 5-8 staff members and customers). We will also discuss your customer database, marketing database and competitors. During the Diagnosis phase, an understanding of why the current customer formula is not working and what needs to change - your new customer formula. This will be presented in a report with write up of the formulae and rationale. Where appropriate up to 20 names of potential customers that match the new formula will be provided - these are principally for formula validation purposes. The report will also contain a recommended validation strategy, with recommendations on how to engage potential customers, with what marketing messages and tactics. Support may be provided by Familiarize to help kickstart sales and marketing activity in pursuit of the new target customer.
  • How do I get started?
    Book in a discovery call to understand your needs and if Familiarize can help. We typically only work with one or two clients a month, to ensure quality and focus. Each assignment will typically be delivered within four weeks, assuming interviewee availability.
  • How much does it cost?
    Each assignment costs £5,000 +VAT. When set against the time and advertising costs incurred by many organisations this one-off investment in practical strategy represents excellent value. We charge 50% up front and 50% on delivery of the diagnosis, formula and validation strategy.
  • What data do I need to share?
    The more the better – typically we use your customer databases, social media, email distribution lists, as well as interviews with customers (current, lost and lapsed), interviews with staff and competitor data. We treat all your data confidentially and anonymously and comply with GDPR.
  • Who will do the work?
    Familiarize is led by Adam Forbes, an expert in customers and marketing. You can read more about him. Adam is supported by a team of different specialists to dive deeper into your data and inform your new customer formula.

Meet Leyla

With Familiarize, you can redefine your new customer formula to help you successfully go to market, grow and scale.

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