Validate your idea and find your customer.

A structured workflow and tools to help founding teams discover, validate and enrol their customer to accelerate product-market fit.

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Familiarize doesn't help most businesses

Most businesses don't really understand their

They sit in offices designing products for customers they've never met

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Most businesses build what they hope a customer will buy

They prefer to take a risk that they know best, rather than involve their customer and co-create.

Most businesses  over-spend on customers to find their customer

They accept low clickthrough on expensive ads rather than patiently build a loyal fan base.

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Patricia Vega
Quantum New Energy

"The Familiarize framework centred around the job the customer needs done is a true GPS to validate
product-market fit"


Nathan Johnson-Paul

"We all want to put the customer at the centre of our businesses - Familiarize actually helps make that happen."

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Alex Kerst

"Familiarize gave us the data and insights to pivot our product - away from what the founding team wanted to what the customers wanted."

How it works


Familiarize leads you through a series of simple steps to define your customer. Collaborate with your team using playbooks, tools and tips to build a richer profile based on real people and why they need your help.


Familiarize helps you and your team identify gaps in your understanding, build hypotheses, run experiments and share everything you learn about your customer.


Familiarize helps you connect with your customer - invite them to co-develop with you, hear your ideas, watch them use your products and build a fan base of people looking for your solutions.

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Get going now

For a short period only, Familiarize will offer a Get To Know Your Customer Accelerator for just £199.

What do I get?

  1. 4 x one-to-one coaching sessions, guiding you and your team through customer discovery, validation and enrolment

  2. Access to the Familiarize tool to store your customer insights and validation, as well as manage your workflow

  3. Templates and guides to help you accelerate your learning

Within a month you will have defined your customer, found your customer, validated your product and be on track to convert them to buying customer.

Get to Know Your Customer Accelerator

Just £199 for four sessions, tools and templates to help discover, validate and enrol your customer.


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Meet Leyla

With Familiarize, you can innovate alongside your customer - as they become part of your team.