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Find real customers who want to buy your product

Struggling with traction?  It’s likely to be mostly due to poor targeting, not matching your solution to a problem a customer feels urgently. 

Familiarize helps you work out who that customer is and helps you find them.

Start working through your customer's struggle for free by joining Familiarize.

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Accelerate your route to product market fit

Familiarize is a structured workflow that the whole team can use to get clear about your customer, their pain and how your product can help.   


Cut the guesswork and progress to PMF fast.


Focus your marketing spend

Familiarize helps you laser in on your target customer with experiments to validate what you think you know.  Replace the scattergun with a deeper understanding of the forces that influence your customer’s buying decisions.

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Find and nurture real customers

Familiarize helps you convert the people you meet for research into co-developers, buyers and advocates. 

Build waitlists and email marketing, as well as keep testing and experimenting.

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Tom, Founder

"If I’d used Familiarize a year ago, I’d have pivoted my business much earlier and saved a lot of time and money"

Patricia Vega_edited.png

Patricia, CEO

"The Familiarize framework centred around the job the customer needs done is a true GPS to validate product-market fit"

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Alex, Co-Founder

"Familiarize gave us the data and insights to pivot our product - away from what the founding team wanted to what the customers wanted."

What our customers say

How it works

Familiarize is a monthly subscription to help you validate your idea and find your customer, through Discovery, Validation and Enrolment.


A structured, easy to use workflow to help define your customer, their struggle and how you can help.  With reports to share with the team, partners and investors.


Set up and run customer experiments (like surveys and interviews); all your data in one place with a dashboard so the whole team can align around your customer.


A funnel to nurture your customer relationships though emails, A/B tests, surveys etc so the people you meet for research become co-developers, buyers and advocates.

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